Clinton River Riders

CRR Circuit

2023+ CRR Circuits (Gold and Silver)

The CRR Gold Circuit is a set of 20 events (bikes, hikes, volunteerism) and ride types that we are encouraging all members to attempt.  If you finish the full 20 rides then your name will be on the upper back of the CRR Circuit t-shirt, which you can purchase after the season ends.    If you finish 10-19 rides of the 20, then you qualify as a silver-circuit rider and your name will be on the lower back of the t-shirt.

This is a fun way to get more people riding with different groups and leaders, as well as exploring some new routes and rides.   You will see that the list includes recurring CRR rides, as well as a few various other rides to explore.   Some of the 20 include multiple possibilities, of which you only need to do one for circuit qualification.

To be fair to members and their schedules, we have the following guidelines about the rides:

     . Must be accessible: local, repeatable, called out with at least 24 hour notice

     . Must be attainable without special qualifications: no pre-req achievements, no zero-sum competiton, or limits  

          on number of members that can complete each ride or ride type

     . Must have variety:  must do at least each of the 20 once, can't repeat one to replace another

     . Must be fair:  if a rider gives best effort and DNF's, use ride leader judgment in giving credit

     . Must support silver circuit scenario where at least 10 of the 20 rides will be no more than 45 miles.

If you can not make a ride due to ongoing scheduling conflicts (e.g. you work on Tuesdays and can't skip for a ride), then please ask the usual ride leader to schedule a weekend version.    If the usual ride leader is unable to do so, then at that point you can feel free to call the ride out yourself (or have someone do so), and replicate the route that normally occurs.

When filling out the ride sheet, the ride leader will be able to designate which of the 20 categories (if any) the ride fits into.   Of course, we also ask that ride leaders indicate this when calling out their rides.

The CRR Circuit is cooperative riding.  Helping each other get out there and onto the t-shirt is the goal... names will be alphabetical.  Who knows.. maybe there will be an award for the person who gets the most people out there.

The rides (subject to commensurate modification for ride/leader availability)

More details can be found on the CRR Calendar when the rides are called out or scheduled.

We are looking for ride leaders to indicate start location, pace, distance, terrain, area of the ride, and usual stops and we can update this list accordingly.

1. KER

     ~20 miles, ~15mph pace (no drop), led by Kim or Craig along the Metro Freedom Trail and into Lake St Clair Metropark, starting at Great Lakes Family Dining at 16 Mile and Harper.   Asphalt trail and some roads, flat terrain, at least one rest stop at the Metro park and usually optional dinner afterward at the start/end location.

2. Coastbusters or Mystery Ride

     ~32 miles, ~14-18 pace depending on the group (regroups), led by Jeri, Sandro or John, along Jefferson from SCS Memorial Park to GP Windmill Point.   Thursday evenings. All paved road with one stop at Windmill Point and sometimes dinner afterward.

3. Detroit Tour

     Bike Tour of Downtown Detroit.  Easy pace of 10-12mph... all paved; any bike suitable.  Posted at least once a month on weekday evenings. Led by Jeri.

4. All Pointes Bulletin

     ~32 miles, ~16mph pace, Saturday mornings. Led by Joe or Dave or Dan, starting at Gratiot and 8 1/2 Mile

5. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner Ride

      Any ride with an extended mid-ride break for breakfast/lunch/dinner at a bakery/restaurant

6. Ice Cream Social

     Typically a short/easy ride that includes a stop at a local ice cream shop

7. Duane's MOT Ride or Weekend Equivalent

     ~39 miles, ~16mph pace, Tuesday mornings. Led by Duane

8. Moorman Morning Mix

     ~35-45 miles, ~15-17mph pace, generally flat terrain, led by Rick and Sue on Thursday mornings.  Starting point varies week to week as does the destination of the ride.   Ride generally starts in Macomb County or Southern St Clair County.  Ride in the Grosse Pointes, Mt Clemens, Harsen's Island, Marine City, St Clair, Richmond, and Memphis.  Most rides include a brunch stop.  We will provide starting time, location, and destination via the CRR Email list.

9. Dodge Park Trail Mix or College Cruising

     Led by Dave J

10. Support a Sponsor

     30+ Miles, starting and ending at any one of our BWR sponsors business (mainly bike shops)

11. Any CRR Holiday Ride (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day)

     ~43 miles, group pace, led by Craig, starting at Algonac Jr/Sr High School, with a Ferry ride to/from Harsen's Island and a mid-point stop at a restaurant in Marine City for brunch

12. Community Service

     Work with a CRR group on a scheduled community service project such as FB4K (Free Bikes for Kids) giving assistance to a community organization with bike related activity.  (Was Paceline Practice in 2023)

13. Grosse Pointe to Detroit or Mt Clemens

     Led by Les D, usually on Sundays

14. Cross-Train Activity

     Examples: Hike, Walk, Run, Kayak, Skate, Ski (XC or Downhill); Note: Mileage will be marked as zero as it does not count toward CRR totals

15. Metroparks Ride

     Examples: Stony Creek, Kensington/Island Lake, Lower Huron/Willow/Oakwoods

16. Any CRR Century, Invitational Ride, or Charity Ride

     ~50-100 miles, group pace, led by various ride leaders.    Can either pick any CRR Century ride, or a CRR led group at an invitational ride such as the Midwest Tandem Rally, or a CRR led group at a charity ride such as BikeMS, Mind Over Matter, etc.

17. Dirt Road Ride

     Led by Rick J / Art A, usually Tuesday/Thursday mornings

18. Multi-Day Tour

     Includes overnight stay (camping or hotel); examples: PALM, DALMAC, Lollipop Overnighter

19. Rail Trail

     Examples: Paint Creek/Polly Ann, Clinton River/West Bloomfield/Airline, Lakelands, Heartland, Pere Marquette, Clinton-Ionia, Kal-Haven, Avoca/Lexington

20. Any Multi-Club Ride

     (CRR with Slow Spokes, Wolverines, or Randonneurs, etc), variable distance and pace and ride leaders.   Pick one and ride with a CRR led group.