The 40th annual Blue Water Ramble on Sunday, June 25th, 2023 included a tour of the beautiful Blue Water Region with views of the St. Clair River. 27, 46, 63, and 100 mile route options available. ALL routes took a ferry onto Harsens Island, where riders experienced low traffic and breathtaking views.  Perfect for family and novice riders, or advanced riders who were looking for a great route thats well supported.

Proceeds from past BWR events went to multiple cycling causes - now working on 2023 list!

Start Location:  Algonac High School at 5200 Taft Rd in Algonac, Michigan, and will take place rain or shine.

Google Map Directions

Lunch at the end of the ride, including vegetarian options.  Rest stops and SAG support included. Local bike shops were present to assist with mechanical issues.


The 27 mile route is designed for those who want less miles and less traffic, on Harsens Island. All routes were paved and well marked; maps will be provided. Routes included SAG, mechanical support and rest stops with food, fruit and drinks. ALL routes went onto Harsens Island via the car ferry. The island portion of the ride is approximately 25 miles and offers great views of the river and bay.  A rest/food stop was positioned at the 17 mile mark.


Transportation across the St. Clair River by commercial ferry to Harsens Island was included.


Each rest stop included food, drink, restrooms and assistance if needed.  There are multiple rest stops on the longer routes and one on the 27 mile route.

Lunch was at the end of the ride at Algonac High School.

Net proceeds will support our causes and mission.

If you are interested in helping or have other questions, please contact: or

Thank you for your continued support of the Blue Water Ramble, the Clinton River Riders, and our charitable mission, activities, and recipients. 


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Blue Water Ramble

Blue Water Ramble 2023

June 25, 2023

Awesome Success!

Thanks to all our volunteers, sponsors, and riders!