The Clinton River Riders Ride Decorum (Rules of the Road)

I. General  

  A. Riders must obey all traffic laws, just as a motor vehicle

  B. The use of a "hard shell" helmet is mandatory

  C. No headphones are allowed

II. Riding in an organized group

  A. Ride Leader's Responsibilities:

    1. Explain the rules of the ride, pace, and distance.

    2. Make sure any non-club members sign the release form

    3. Maintain the advertised pace

    4. Appoint a co-leader or get volunteers to help        

    5. Stop the ride for any breakdown

    6. Ask disruptive riders to leave the ride

  B. Rider's Responsibilities

    1. Obey and cooperate with the ride leader

    2. Notify the ride leader if leaving the ride

    3. Notify the ride leader if having difficulty

       (this can be done by relaying a message)

    4. Obey the rules and courtesies of group riding

    5. Ride in a safe and responsible manner

    6. Leave rest stops with the group

    7. Know your riding capabilities

  C. Group Responsibilities

    1. Ride as far to the right as possible

    2. Use no more than one half the lane

    3. A maximum of two abreast is allowed on clear roads

    4. Make changes in speed and direction in a predictable manner

  D. Warnings

    1. Use warnings only when following riders need to take

       evasive action

    2. Never use "clear" at an intersection and never assume that

       an intersection is clear

    3. Over used warnings are generally ignored and, therefore,

       of little use

  E. Dealing with Motor Vehicle Traffic

    1. When "car back" is heard, merge to the right

    2. Do not signal a motor vehicle to pass

    3. Watch for opening doors when passing parked vehicles

    4. Do not make obscene or unfriendly gestures towards motorists

Clinton River Riders

Ride Decorum